MKC Rafting Reservation Form

All Madawaska River Family Rafting Trips are booked through the Madawaska Kanu Centre. Your trip is not confirmed unless you have reserved with a credit card. The MKC office will be in touch shortly after receiving this email to confirm availability. Please call 1-888-652-5268 if you would like to confirm or make any changes to your reservation. (Please ensure you complete the captcha, if you cannot see this box please try another device.) For bookings within 24 hours we prefer not to accept online bookings, instead please call us directly at 1-888-652-5268.
  • Rafting Date:

  • Please note all trip times may not be available each day.
  • Madawaska River Family Trips are available from the 3rd week of June until the last week of August only.
  • Madawaska Family Rafting Trips are only available Mondays through Thursdays due to dam-controlled water releases on the Madawaska River.